Baby Toys in Nepal

Baby Toys in Nepal
Aug 25, 2016
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Mothers in Nepal always want to give the best for their babies. Carefully chosen toys will help develop your baby's skills at their young age. Your baby's hearing development is stimulated by just making them play with a rattle. There are various toys that you can introduce to your baby for them to have fun and also help in their development. The following are baby toys in Nepal.


Shake and Clack

The shake and clack will make your baby chuckle a lot.  It works by audio and visual stimulation for your baby. The great colors will attract your baby's attention and the sound will make them want to keep playing with it. It serves as an educational product to develop your baby's coordination at a young age. They tend to shake this toy and will a sound that that would make them happy.


Meibeile Baby Rattle Sets

Every growing baby needs a rattle.  The sound of the rattle whenever they shake it gives a smile on their face. This rattle set will help your baby improve coordination and help in proper development of your baby's teeth. This product is tested safe for your babies. It's economical since it is battery operated.


Fisher Price Rattle Rattle Twirl and Swirl Spinner

This is a wonderful toy for your baby.  This can stick on any flat surface.  Your baby can learn and have fun at the same time.  The twirling can stimulate their vision as they play. It also improves their coordination skills.  Your baby can twirl and spin this toy as long as they want.


Tumbler Doll

This will help your baby's development in various aspects. It has sweet tones that will stimulate your baby's hearing. The bright color will stimulate your baby's vision.  This doll has a shaking function and nod function as well.  This will develop their motor skills as they try to grasp the toy and play with it. They will soon try to experiment with it. Playing with your baby using this toy will be an enjoyable experience.


Baby's First Piano Musical Toys

To stimulate your baby's hearing, the Baby's First Piano Musical Toys is a great pick.  A well-made toy for your baby.  It can play eight music tones that your baby will enjoy.  They will learn to distinguish animal sounds at their young age.  This toy can play animal sounds of cat, dog, duck and sheep.  Eight nursery rhymes can also be played.  It has an on and off switch.  You can even wash this toy to make sure it's always clean.


After going through the baby toys in Nepal, you might have noticed that they are simple but has specific purposes.  The toys are made to play with but also target a developmental area for your baby. Baby needs all your attention. The toys are designed to be played by a baby with their parent encouraging positive development in your baby's brains. Parents must always play with their baby's because of their developmental days.

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