School Products in Nepal

School Products in Nepal
Jan 9, 2017
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When classes start, school products are always on its wave again. Parents go shopping for school supplies as early as possible to get discounts and avoid the heavy lines at the store. But now you can buy school products online and it saves you time and effort than the typical "let's go to the store to buy some notebooks". But when school starts and you want that your child has cute pieces of school products, we listed four school supplies you surely should not miss.


Cute pencil case

The pencil case is one of the essentials when going to school to make sure that your pencils or pens are intact. You can buy a cute pencil case for more or less $5 that is high quality and does not easily breaks. There are various designs that you can choose from when looking for a cute pencil case. There are two things that you need to always consider before buying a pencil case – first is, if the pencil case has a good design; the second is the pencil has a space that can shelter all your pencils, erasers, pens, etc.


Character Themed Notebooks

Remember when you were a child and you love to write down notes in your notebook if you know that your notebook cover is your favorite cartoon character? That power of design still works and if you want your child to be more motivated in writing down his or her notes and homework, then buy them a notebook with their favorite cartoon characters on it. Kids love seeing their favorite cartoon characters and will definitely love their notebook, not to mention that they will most likely to take care of it too. You can choose from different designs and cartoon characters that your child fancies. Character Themed Notebook will just cost you more or less $4.


Character Figure Pencils

If you have a character themed notebook, the perfect pair for it is a character themed pencils! No kid will not love that idea. You can match the pencils design with their notebooks design to make them more enthusiastic when writing. A character figure pencil will only cost you more or less $1 and may also come in 12 pieces set. You can also choose from a wide variety of design and cartoon characters.


Soft Handle Action Figure School Bag

To make sure that your kid is all prep for school, buy a bag that will store all his or her school supplies. You can buy a Soft Handle Action Figure School bag that will only cost you more or less $12. You can also choose from different action figures like batman, Spiderman, the avengers if you are blessed with a boy. And you can choose from Barbie, hello kitty, if you have a girl child.


Bottom line, your kid will definitely love the idea if you buy them school products base on their favorite movies or character. If you do this, you will be able to motivate them more to go to school and will have something to look forward which is seeing their brand new notebooks and looking at their favorite character.

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